10 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Phoenix Homeowners

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Why does an air conditioner seam to breakdown on the hottest day of the year? If you’ve been in this situation, you understand the dilemma it brings up. It’s always a potential problem in the Phoenix area where we are experiencing an increasing number of 100+ degree days. When a  HVAC system need repairs, you also need immediate repair service.  Please reach out to your 123HELP approved HVAC repair contractors for help.

There are several ways to maintain you indoor or outdoor mounted HVAC unit and minimize the risk of it failing. These tips are provided by experienced HVAC repair technicians based upon years of experience and observation.

Tip #1: Change the Air Filter

HVAC Air filters get clogged over time. This becomes a serious problem during dust storms in our desert climate. The air filter will become filled with dust, debris, and other particles that you want to clean out. Over time, dust buildup will cause your air conditioner to work harder, and that raises your energy bill. It also increase the risk of it breaking down. When you regularly replace or clean the air filter, you lower the “workload” that the HVAC unit puts out and that is a good thing.

Tip #2: Wipe Dust Away from Around the Unit

Pay particular attention to the areas around the air intake duct, especially if your neighborhood has experienced strong winds.

Tip #3: Leave the Air Vents Open

Many persons believe that closing the air-vents will save on energy costs. When you close the vents, you block off air flow in parts of the delivery system ducting and that can lower the unit’s overall performance levels drastically. If you want the maximum level of efficiency and to prevent overloading your HVAV system, keep all the vents open and free of all obstructions to the airflow.

Closing several vents at the same time may damage the air conditioner and the ductwork because you’re increasing air pressure inside the ducting causing air leaks to form at seams and joint locations in the air delivery system.  If portions of your home are not used frequently you might consider installing a smart zone control system.

Tip #4: Set Your HVAC Unit at the Optimal Temperature

While the temperature that you set on the thermostat will largely depend on personal comforts, many systems will have an optimum temperature level that ensures they will continue to use energy efficiently. Check your owner’s manual to see if this applies to your unit.

Tip #5: Seal the Home from Incoming Drafts

To get the best results from your HVAC unit, be sure you have a good weather seal on doors and windows. If you haven’t upgraded to newer and more energy-efficient windows you should do so. Windows are usually the major contributor to energy loss.

Tip #6:  (Do it Yourself Tip)  Clean the Condensate Drain Line

Your HVAC unit will have a condensation drain valve. When the drain line gets clogged, it can cause the system to freeze up, and contribute to system failure.  To clean this line, you will detach it and pour a cup of vinegar or bleach into the line. This cleans away mold and algae that can build up within your HVAC system.  Always review the system’s manual before performing any “work” or cleaning.

Tip #7: Keep the Condenser and the Evaporator Coils Clean

Whether it’s an indoor or an outdoor HVAC unit, the coils must be kept as clean as possible. One of the signs that you have a blocked coil is the HVAC unit has trouble powering on. Cleaning the AC coils is a quick maintenance action, but before you begin to clean them, once again, make sure that you carefully follow the instructions to prevent damage to the coils which are expense to replace.

Tip #8: Check the Furnace Flame (for gas heaters)

When you go to check the flame on your furnace, it should be a crisp color blue. In fact, if it isn’t, then you should call in an HVAC specialist immediately. A blue flame indicates that the proper combustion is taking place. If you see long streaks of yellow or orange, it indicates that you need a technician who can adjust the furnace and clean it.

Tip #9: Have a Maintenance Tune-up and a HVAC Cleaning

You’d be surprised how HVAC Inspection and Maintenance Services will lower your heating and cooling bill. When was the last time that you had your HVAC unit serviced? If it has been over a year, you could be at a much higher risk for problems occurring. Especially over the hot summer months, do you really want to have to sit in your home without AC?  A service visit can catch problems before they spiral out of control. Regular Duct Cleaning will also help your system run better and longer, and you will enjoy better quality indoor air.

Tip #10: Know When to Hire Professional Services

When you need emergency help with an HVAC problem here in the greater Phoenix area, be sure to contact the 123HELP listed HVAC Repair contractors for assistance.  That’s a no brainer. Consider hiring non-emergency help to keep your system running well and clean. If you want HVAC maintenance or cleaning, reach out to the 123HELP HVAC contractors during regular business hours. Chances are, they provide these popular non-emergency service too.

For information concerning Energy Star rating of heating and cooling appliances visit: ENERGY STAR

We also encourage you to call an HVAC contractor approved by 123HELP.