5 Signs Your Phoenix Home May Need Electrical Repairs

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A faulty electric system is a leading cause of house fires. There are nearly 30,000 electrical fires in the U.S. each year and they cause more than $1.1 billion in property damage and over 300 deaths. If your home’s electrical system is doing any of the five signs of trouble get immediate  electrical repair help.

  1. Cracking, sizzling, buzzing, or clicking sounds 
  2. Flickering lights
  3. Sparking
  4. Burning odor
  5. Frequent breaker tripping

Concerning number five, it’s normal for your circuit breaker to trip occasionally. Breakers  trip when there are too many appliances running for your circuit to handle. It’s also common when there is a storm. However, if your breaker trips regularly, then you could be facing a more serious issue within your home’s electrical system. Frequent breaker trips indicate several problems, like compromised wiring, a damaged or a worn-out breaker, an outdated panel, and more. If your home is experiencing constant breaker flips, then contact your 123HELP emergency electrician. The last thing you need to worry about is sitting in the dark due to a home electrical issue.

Fortunately, it is easy for homeowners, even owners with zero experience or expertise in the electrical industry to spot most electrical issues. In addition to recognizing the previously named five major problems be on the lookout for warm electrical plug outlets, loose outlets, and dead outlets, and get these issues inspected and fixed.

Unfortunately, it’s not always a smart idea for those with little or no expertise to fix these issues on their own. Working with electricity is dangerous, almost 175 people in construction die from electrocution each year, and about 7% of these are fully trained electricians. It has been reported that one reason so many people are injured, or die is because electrical panels are not always labeled correctly. Sometimes, a breaker may be turned off but some of the power in the room remains on because certain electrical fixtures are assigned to another breaker.

Tips of What to Do During a Power Outage

In every major city and town, even here in Phoenix, there are times when a power supply may be interrupted. It could be storm caused or a failure with the power supply lines and equipment. When this happens follow the following suggestions

For additional information about electrical safety and preventing fire contact:


In conclusion, at 123HELP APP, we strongly encourage homeowners to protect their home and family by contacting their professional 123HELP electrical repair contractor at the first indication of an electrical problem.

Be sure you call an Electrical Contractor Approved by123HELP