About the 123HELP, APP

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123HELP was developed and established in Phoenix as an educational resource for homeowners to provide useful information about maintaining a residential property, learning ways to prevent property damage, and making connections to expert emergency repair help when a property damage event happens. The 123HELP APP is completely free to homeowners and it works on cellphones and mobile devices. The privacy of all APP users is always safeguarded, and users are not bombarded with advertising or SPAM.

123HELP is a unique resource. It was designed to help homeowners during emergency property  damage events. Homeowner APP users are directed to approved and qualified service repair companies that perform same-day or 24/7 assistance. This is different from all other contractor referral programs.

123HELP Solves a Horrible Problem for Phoenix Area Homeowners

If you have ever searched for any home repair service, you know it’s usually a time-consuming process of reviewing ads and listings on the Internet and on social media platforms. Consumers are stuck wasting valuable time comparing vendors and making multiple phone calls, sending out email messages, and dealing with Robot-forms only to wait several days for a response. Searching for a quality contractor who will respond to a property emergency is much more difficult.

IMAGINE the Hassle of Finding Emergency Help Now?

Consumer-referral services such as Angi, Home Advisor, Thumbtack, and others provide lists of contractors for routine work. Unlike, 123HELP, they don’t specialize in presenting Emergency Repair Contractors to their audience. Finding a contractor to repair a property emergency after conventional work hours, on a weekend, or a holiday complicates your search. When you have an emergency property problem any time of day, you need a contractor who is equipped and willing to respond quickly… an approved 123HELP repair contractor.

Please understand that many property emergencies require immediate action because the damage intensifies with each passing minute. Consider a broken water pipe with water seeping through walls and spreading throughout the structure even after the water flow has been turned off. A failed HVAC system or a garage door that won’t open or close requires prompt service especially in the heat of a Phoenix summer. 123HELP is the premier resource to hire emergency property repair specialists who will respond promptly to any property emergency. When a house system fails, you need someone right away! Not in three days or a week from now.

The 123HELP APP solves a huge problem for every homeowner needing an emergency property repair. 123HELP APP provides direct contact to qualified Phoenix-area emergency service providers working in eighteen different trade specialties, including the following:

  • Plumbing Leak Repair
  • Sewer Rooting
  • 24/7 Water Heater Repair / Replacement
  • HVAC Repair
  • Emergency Electrical Repair
  • Water Damage / Mitigation Service
  • Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Service
  • Board Up for Damaged Windows, etc.
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Roof Tarping & Roof Repair
  • Emergency Locksmith Service
  • Appliance Repair
  • Emergency Handyman Service
  • Tree Removal Service
  • Emergency Fence Repair
  • Emergency Critter Removal
  • Emergency Pool Service
  • Trauma / Crime Scene Cleanup

The 123HELP APP Puts the Consumer/User in Control

Consumers have direct contact with the contractors they need. There is no 123HELP call center, or middleman. Instead, the APP user connects directly, by phone to the contractor.

Why Should Consumers Trust These Contractors?

To qualify as a 123HELP recommended service provider, each contractor must pass a thorough accreditation process. All member contractors meet or exceed strict business standards and commit to their after-hours emergency service program. 

  • Fully Licensed
  • Adequate Insurance Coverage
  • Background Checks
  • Proof of Experience and Quality Workmanship
  • Contractors must be able to service their territory
  • Contractors must provide Written Estimates and Guarantees
  • Contractors must support a robust After-Hours Service Program
  • Contractors agree to provide Ethical Services and never price gouge

How Does 123HELP Make Its’ Money?

The 123HELP company makes its’ income by charging a reasonable monthly fee to service company subscribers. We don’t charge pay-per-click fees or take a royalty or percentage. There’re plenty of lead generation services available to service contractors. However, the problem is they’re expensive, and don’t provide a consistent level of good quality leads.

The 123HELP APP was designed by a team of people with many years working in the property disaster cleanup industry. The vision was to inform homeowners about their property and about hiring and working with the right service providers. Additionally, the goal was to connect homeowners with top quality service companies that have a passion to help families and fix damaged properties.  123HELP approved contractors appreciate having 123HELP APP users connect with them directly instead of talking with stressed-out and confused consumers who ask needless questions and are shopping for the lowest price while their circumstances only become worse.  Of note, uniformed tenants often make after hours phone calls to contractors seeking emergency help. Unfortunately for tenants, contractors must be hired by the property owner, not a tenant. Contractors don’t have to field tenant phone calls from 123HELP APP users.

Here is why 123HELP contractors appreciate 123HELP APP users:

  • 123HELP APP users are better informed about maintaining their property.
  • Users have access to an Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • The APP provides information that empowers a homeowner during property damaged
    • They are less stressed
    • They have available resources
    • They know how and when to act

If you own a home or a property and you don’t have the 123HELP App, get it today, it’s free and worthwhile. If you’re a contractor with interest in becoming a 123HELP approved service company, please apply today.   1-866-901-4123