Here’s What the 123HELP APP Can Do For You

The content you need to help protect and maintain your home.
Direct connection to repair experts when you need them.

  • Customizable Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Home Safety Tips
  • Disaster Prevention Ideas
  • Understanding Insurance
  • Exterior Maintenance Tips
  • Interior Maintenance Tips
  • DIY Tips
  • Best Practices For Working With Contractors
  • Direct Connect to 24/7 Emergency Repair Professionals
  • Direct Connect to Non-Emergency Repair Professionals
  • County, State & Federal Disaster Recovery Resources
  • Non-Profit and Local Resources

Why We Created the App

Three of the seven founders of the 123HELP App are veterans of the home repair, property damage recovery, and the insurance industries. Here’s what they have to say about the APP:

“While representing a prominent Phoenix restoration company, I experienced firsthand how difficult it is for homeowners and quality contractors to connect. I knew there must be a better way… then, the answer came to me and the 123HELP APP was born.”
Lane Nesper is the founder & CEO of 123HELP APP, LLC. He’s been serving property owners in Arizona for over forty-years to help with their home repair needs.

Outside of Our Metro Phoenix Service Area?

Send us an email now or schedule a meeting on our Calendly to learn more about when the 123HELP APP will be available in your area.