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Scorpions In Our Cities

When people worry about desert pests living in our cities, scorpions come to mind. They are prehistoric and vicious-looking creatures. Yet, scorpions’ stings are painful

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Pest Control in Phoenix

Homeowners must be mindful of the risk of physical danger and the potential for property damage that pests can cause in our Phoenix desert environment.

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Your Family Emergency Preparedness Plan

The 123HELP APP features an Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) that is available for download. It’s focused on property damage prevention and recovery. Downloading and completing your EPP will help

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What To Know About Mold

Our goal with this blog is to enlighten our 123HELP APP users about the emotional topic of Mold because there is too much needless fear

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About the 123HELP, APP

123HELP was developed and established in Phoenix as an educational resource for homeowners to provide useful information about maintaining a residential property, learning ways to

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