Broken Window and Door Board-up & Emergency Window Repair

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Window Repair Phoenix - Phoenix, AZ

Windows get broken in a lot of different ways. When the causes are burglary, vandalism, house fires, and fallen trees, doors may also be damaged, and if they are, they too will require board-up services. Here are many of the common causes of damaged windows that will require emergency repair.

  • Burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Children and adults having accidents (baseballs smashing windows, etc.)
  • Yard mishaps
  • Wind damage
  • Fallen trees and limbs
  • Vehicles striking buildings
  • House fires

Please take note: 123HELP cautions you and family members to be careful when you are near shattered glass and structural debris. Puncture wounds can be serious, even life-threatening. Many 123HELP board up and window repair companies will provide shattered glass and debris cleanup services. Please understand, many homeowners tend to want to clean up the mess, but it’s often best to leave it to the professionals.

During An Emergency

24/7 emergency board up services for windows address your immediate and most important needs which include, board up (a window covering to secure your home) and the debris removal/clean-up.  When a door is damaged to the point where board up services are required, there are several ingenious solutions to install a temporary door system that can open and close and be securely locked and unlocked.

Because of the vast numbers of different window styles, quick replacement of damaged windows is not always possible. Also, when board up is performed during inclement weather the final replacement will usually be performed when weather conditions and daylight permit.

Dedicated to Quality Service

No matter the size of the project, emergency board up and window repair teams understand the urgency and inconvenience homeowners experience. They are dedicated to helping you as quickly as possible during an emergency.

Remember, 123HELP approved board up and window repair contractors provide non-emergency window repairs too.

For best results always hire a board up and window repair contractor approved by123HELP.