Do You Need Assistance?

1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767)

Do You Need Assistance? Have you been affected by a home fire, flood, or other disaster? The Red Cross can help you 24/7

Red Cross, Arizona Region: 602 -336-6660

Maricopa County Resources:

Maricopa County provides residents with emergency preparedness plans, emergency management, emergency alerts, and other services.

Personal and Family Preparedness:

Emergency, Public Safety & Imminent Threat Alerts:

Threats and Hazards, Natural and Man Made:

Resources for Pets During Emergencies:

Resources are Available for Pets During a Property Emergency:

A Planning Guide:

Maricopa County Animal Emergency Resource:

Shelter Listings:

When a property disaster strikes, often the Red Cross and your insurance company representative will on site or in touch to help provide emergency shelter. In Maricopa County, the Shelter Listings Org website provides information concerning additional temporary housing choices.

Additional Living Expenses:

123HELP APP LLC., recommends every property owner review their property insurance policy to verify that the replacement limits effect current property values and confirm there are provisions for additional living expenses to cover temporary housing.

FEMA Flood Insurance and Information:

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides flood insurance and grants for rebuilding after flooding or other disaster events. Please note, alternative non-government resources are also available.

Arizona Government Emergency Housing Repairs:

Funding for repairs for low income housing, uninsured properties, and units located in a flood zone that are not covered by a flood insurance policy.