Emergency Appliance Repair by 123HELP Approved Contractors

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Appliances are convenient when they work and a nuisance when they don’t. It’s annoying when an ice dispenser stops delivering ice on a hot summer day or wet bedsheets tumble in a dryer that has forgotten it’s a dryer. There is help for these and other appliance problems.

Appliance repair experts work on all makes and models of household appliances and they also provide diagnostics services. Many of these companies also perform repair and maintenance for commercial equipment and  when they do, they may specialize in certain types of equipment. However, when an appliance repair company provides services for homeowners, they are usually able to repair each of the following types of equipment:


Dish Washers


Stove Tops

Gas Stove Repairs

Garbage Disposal


Ice Makers

Washing Machines


If you are experiencing a problem with a home appliance you should check out a few simple and potential causes why an appliance isn’t working.  Some appliances may refuse to work if they are placed on an uneven surface, if their legs get out of balance, or their filters become clogged causing the appliance to shake or overheat. Also, inspect for tripped electrical circuits and fuses. Sometimes, the problem is as simple as a loose plug or the power being off.

When Should an Appliance be Repaired or Replaced?

If your appliance is more than 60% through its expected lifespan it may make sense to replace it, especially if the problem seems serious.  Appliance life-span estimates are contained in the manual or are available online.  Another consideration to replace an appliance is when the repair estimate is more than fifty percent of the replacement cost.  If you have a professional inspection performed, and decide to replace your appliance, the appliance repair contractor may also provide installation service for the new equipment, and removal of the old equipment.

Appliance Repair Services by 123HELP approved Contractors

Often, the fix for an appliance problem is to simply replace a malfunctioning or worn part.  With todays’ high appliance prices and manufacturing shortfalls, repair may be your best option.

123HELP appliance repair contractors are available in an emergency or by scheduled appointment to help keep your electrical (and gas) appliances operating.

For the best results always call an Appliance Repair Contractor Approved by 123HELP.