There’s Never a Good Time for a Property Damage to Occur...

When you’re in need, no matter the time of day, imagine being able to quickly connect to the best 24/7 emergency repair contractors who provide the help you need for:

  • Water Damage
  • Clogged or Broken Pipes
  • Fire and Smoke Damage
  • HVAC Failure 
  • Fallen Trees 
  • Broken Windows 
  • And Much More!

In far less time than it takes to frantically search the Internet 123 HELP eliminates your worry and stress. You can be prepared to take control whenever property disaster strikes, and the 123 HELP APP is 100% FREE.

Here's How it Works

The 123 HELP APP is free. Your information will remain private, and you will never be bombarded with annoying advertising.

The App features helpful tips and information about maintaining your property to minimize the risk of damage from occurring. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent property disasters and that’s why 123 HELP has relevant content to help you navigate through the “mitigation and restoration” of your property, including information concerning the insurance process.

When property damage strikes it’s often a new and unpleasant experience for home and property owners. We’re dedicated to help you through it. The Red Cross, FEMA, and other experts on property disasters report that the people who have “prepared” generally recover faster.

About the Emergency Service Providers

The 123 HELP emergency repair vendors have been carefully selected. For them to become and remain a member company listed on our platform each participant has passed a stringent set of qualifications such as licensing and insurance compliance, industry skill, and they take a pledge to always provide prompt response, ethical 24 /7 service at a fair price, and to provide contracts with customer satisfaction guarantees in writing.