How to Hire a ‘Good’ Contractor

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When it comes to hiring a ‘good’ contractor to repair property damage, the word good is not only subjective it probably touches on your emotions too. Having a house system fail is an unpleasant experience and finding a qualified and responsive repair company can be stressful. At 123 HELP, we have done our very best to recommend repair providers that care about their customers, hire competent technicians, and deliver satisfactory results. However, the execution of the transaction is between you and the contractor. That may leave you wondering if the repair will be done right at a fair price? Will they try to take advantage of the situation to upsell services and materials that are not necessary? Ethical, service driven companies do things the right way and it shows. Here are the disciplines of a good contractor:

  • Answer phones live or return calls promptly
  • Listen to your needs
  • Describe their service solution over the phone
  • Arrive to the jobsite on time
  • Inspect the site, ask questions, and gather information
  • Discuss the options
  • Provide a written quote and a workorder agreement before the work commences
  • Include a written warrantee/guarantee
  • Protect your walkways and furnishings
  • Keep the worksite neat and clean
  • Respect your privacy
  • Communicate and demonstrate as needed
  • Seek your approval before changing procedures (and cost)
  • Seek your approval of the completed project
  • Present a satisfaction survey
  • Return promptly to complete any warrantee issue

At any point in your customer-contractor relationship if questions or concerns arise, don’t wait to ask your questions, or discuss any issues right away! Don’t wait and simply hope things will be alright. You’re the customer and have a right to be fully informed and confident about every phase of the repair. A ‘good” contractor wouldn’t want it any other way.

123HELP contractors are vetted before they are allowed to sere the users of the 123HELP APP. They have to complete a lengthy application process that incudes questions about customer service. We hope that offers a measure of assurance to you.