Keeping Mosquitos Away From Our Maricopa County Homes

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Mosquitos are Annoying and Potentially Harmful.

The mosquito life cycle is dependent on water. Unfortunately, mosquitos are resourceful survivors. They can find enough water sources in the greater Phoenix area to thrive and make their presence known. In Phoenix, March and October are the months when mosquitos are most active.

Mosquitos are not only a nuisance. They can carry the West Nile Virus, a potential human health threat. Horses, dogs, and cats. West Nile Virus through the bite of an infected female mosquito. Mosquitoes get the virus when they bite an infected bird. Crows and jays are the most common birds linked to the virus.

About 1 in 5 people who West Nile Virus infects develop a fever, headaches, muscle soreness, and other flu-like symptoms. About 1 out of 150 infected people develop a serious, sometimes fatal illness. The symptoms can develop within 3 to 6 days after being bitten and last several days. Severe cases may require hospitalization and take several months to recover. The recognizable symptoms for a pet with the virus are difficulty walking and a significant increase in their sleeping habits.

Everyone must take West Nile Virus seriously; the team at 123HELP APP encourages anyone bitten by mosquitoes and who experiences West Nile Virus symptoms to seek medical assistance.

Controlling Mosquitos in Your Yard.

Citronella candles, bug spray, and patio fans can help keep Mosquitos at bay. Additional measures can reduce their numbers. There are other proactive measures that you can take.

  • Removing sources of standing water is crucial to managing the pest because mosquitos can lay and hatch a cluster of eggs in less than an inch of standing water sitting in a discarded container. 
  • Remove plant debris and keep hedges trimmed to reduce hiding areas.
  • Remove all clutter, especially cardboard and lumber debris, plastic toys, and buckets.
  • Add cedar mulch to your plant beds. In addition to not liking cedar, mosquitos are deterred by the odors of Lavender (Sweet-smelling lavender is also effective in repelling moths, fleas, and flies.) Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, and Scented Geraniums. 

Controlling Mosquitos in a Water Feature

Mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnate water. To avoid a water feature from becoming a breeding ground, keep the water moving to improve oxidation and eliminate stagnant water. Keeping a large pump for a waterfall feature active 24 hours daily may not be practical. However, install a smaller aerator pump to keep the water moving. Females won’t want to lay eggs in agitating water, so that this preventive measure can be an effective deterrent. 

If you have a pond without a fish population, consider adding some small Mosquito Fish, which gobble up newly hatched mosquito wigglers and tumblers. These mosquito-eating fish (Gambusia) are made available free of charge in Maricopa County.  To confirm free fish availability and to schedule a pick-up during office hours Monday through Friday, call (602) 506-0700.

Professional Help When You Need It

Pest control companies have stand-alone or routine treatments that effectively kill mosquitos and keep them away from your yard and home. A professional mosquito treatment regimen can be performed at your home that protects the safety of children and pets. At 123HELP APP, we confidently recommend any of our Approved Pest Control Service Providers to assist with the control of mosquitos and any other annoying and harmful pests.