Pest Control in Phoenix

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Homeowners must be mindful of the risk of physical danger and the potential for property damage that pests can cause in our Phoenix desert environment. There are two ways to address pests.

      1. Self-do-it remedies.

      1. Hiring a professional exterminator.

    Homeowners can visit hardware stores or garden centers equipped with an expansive inventory of pest control and pest elimination products. Chemicals, traps, and other remedies are available online or at specific Phoenix farm and ranch supply stores. Grabbing a brand-name canister of repellent or using a trigger spray bottle of ant killer can be a convenient solution to a minor ant intrusion. However, addressing their nesting locations or major infestations is complex. Now imagine the pests you’re worried about are scorpions. Self-do-it treatments may no longer be in your comfort zone!  

    The 123HELP APP features more than one article about safe and sensible home-do-it pest elimination and ways to prevent or manage specific pest problems. In each of our pest-focused blogs, we emphasize safety first! In this article, we provide information about the benefits of hiring 123HELP APP Approved pest control contractors.  

    Professional exterminators are licensed and trained specialists who get to the root of your pest challenges. Technicians follow specific steps in assessing a pest problem and often recommend using multiple control methods (habitat and harborage modification, physical controls, and the careful use of treatment materials). Certain insects require treatments and prevention procedures that are unique to their kind.  Expert technicians are trained and have experience in understanding the feeding routines, hiding places, and the breeding and nesting habits of the unwanted pests they’re controlling or removing.

        • Professionals will present a plan.

        • They will explain treatment options, including green alternatives and scheduled maintenance visits.

        • Experts will answer your questions.

        • Guarantees are usually included.  

      Excellent treatment standards include a complete plan for pest management designed to prevent many insects. from returning shortly after treatment.  Some insects on the list are native to our region, such as scorpions and termites; others are pests that have followed human migration and adapted to life in the Valley. Bedbugs, mites, and pigeons are examples of migratory problems. Our area is severely impacted by an extensive list of common insects and animals classified as pests.

      Insect Pests:





      Carpenter Ants








      Rodents (mice/rats)






      Non-Insect Pests:






      Not all 123HELP APP Approved pest control companies perform treatment services for every insect or critter on the above list. For example, some pest control companies may not remove skunks, raccoons, snakes, or pigeons. However, companies that perform specialized services are available for these troublesome non-insect pests. The 123HELP APP Approved vendor can usually make referrals. Or, they might direct you to government agencies that may provide free wildlife services in Greater Phoenix and Maricopa County.

      Free Phoenix Wildlife Control Resources/ Arizona

        • Maricopa County Animal Services: 602-506-7387

        • Phoenix Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic: 480-998-5550

        • Arizona Wildlife Commission: 602-942-3000

      Of Note: Emergency Services  in the pest control industry do not always correlate to 24/7 response. it is more accurate to describe emergency services as priority services. if your home and property are experiencing any kind of pest troubles, don’t hesitate to contact your 123HELP APP Approved pest control ad removal contractor. They will be pleased to talk with you.