Referral Fees are Costly. Pay-Per-Click is a Rip Off.

123 HELP decided to do something about it.

You know that emergency service contractors struggle to advertise your services and get customers in an affordable way. It is also true that most homeowners and property owners don’t know how to find competent and prompt help during property damage emergencies.

THE 123 HELP APP is a free resource for home and property owners, it provides:

  • Directory of approved emergency service vendors
  • Tips about home and property maintenance
  • How to navigate a property damage event
  • The app serves as an emergency preparedness program

How We Help Your Business Grow

The platform reduces the stress and frustration that overwhelms every home and property owner when they suffer a property damage.

It also saves them from the frustration of surfing the Internet to find help. Instead, the app directs the user to Your Company when your services can solve their specific problems. 

The Opportunities of Using 123HELP

Here are the opportunities that can help your business bring in the leads you deserve: 

  • Real time prospects with urgent needs will contact you directly with the 123 HELP platform
  • 123 HELP provides advanced telephone answering and customer service training support for your company
  • The cost of membership in 123 HELP will always be far less than other lead generation and prospecting programs

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Because I23 HELP is in a startup mode, the first contractor members will benefit from an amazing introductory offer. Don’t miss out, contact us today.