Referral Fees are Costly. Pay-Per-Click is a Rip Off.

123 HELP decided to do something about it.

We understand the property damage recovery and repair industry. That’s an important reason we created the App. We wanted to provide a reasonably priced alternative to group bid platforms and pay-per-click advertising. The 123HELP APP app-users make better-informed and timely hiring decisions. Our goal is to connect your company to the ideal customers you want to work for.

No middleman. No expensive pay-per-clicks. No group-bids and no percentages. Instead, contractors who qualify to be on the App pay a reasonable monthly fee. That’s all.

How We Help Your Business Grow

  • Our innovative advertising and lead generation platform serves Metro Phoenix, yet we can reach your exact target market.
  • Gift the APP to your prospects and your established customer-base to have a powerful, value-added customer retention tool.
  • Our support team gladly shares dynamic content and materials for your social media campaigns.

The Opportunities of Using 123HELP

App-users are aware each contractor must qualify to earn Approved Service Provider status…being included on the 123HELP APP is an indorsement of your brand. It’s also an opportunity to announce to Metro Phoenix consumers you’re serious about providing top quality, ethical services at a reasonable price. That’s a unique sales proposition that sets you above and apart.

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Because I23 HELP is in a startup mode, the first contractor members will benefit from an amazing introductory offer. Don’t miss out, contact us today.