Suffering Through Property Damage is Often Stressful. Working with Insurance Companies Can be Confusing. Relax, There Are Answers.

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After a property disaster, you will want to get your home or property back to normal as soon as possible. If you have made an insurance claim, your insurance company wants to resolve the claim quickly too.

Unless you have experienced a previous property loss and have filed an insurance claim before you’ll probably have a lot of questions. As the repair work begins and progresses you may get multiple checks from your insurer for the temporary repairs, permanent repairs, and for the replacement of your damaged belongings.

  • How do you get paid?
  • How are service contractors paid?
  • Who gets the check(s)?

The questions could go gone on because the insurance claim process is complicated on so many levels. Insurance companies are aware of this and have created a helpful consumer resource, The Insurance Information Institute. The organization provides consumers with the answers to their many insurance questions. For a better understanding of the insurance claim process, 123Help suggests that you visit the website:

The Insurance Information Institute

We also encourage you to use contractors approved by 123HELP.