Trade Associations Provide Value for the Consumer

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Many professionals service businesses become members of trade associations. The reasons for doing this are many -establish safety and production standards, industry education, networking, tradeshows and conventions, political advocacy, and the promotion of the trade and its’ members.   There are over 92,00 local, regional, and nations trade associations in the USA, of these, more than 7,000 are national. Labor Department studies reveal that 85% of business failures each year are by companies that are not association members. Obviously, the majority, of trade-association member companies are committed to operating a successful business. What does that mean for you, the consumer?

Do Trade Associations Benefit the Consumer?

Yes, there are many ways. Companies that apply for association membership must be meet licensing and legal requirements including maintaining active insurance. Businesses that are participating members in associations are likely to keep up with evolving industry advancements and new technology which can include better tools, and safer chemicals and treatments. Service trade associations generally have their members conform to a mission statement which includes a code of ethics about customer service. Trade associations will not certify or continue to promote members that violate their codes or receive complaints from the public or from fellow members…there is also a certain amount of self-policing that members do to protect the reputation of the trade and the association. 

In most cases, a consumer can safely assume that a company that displays one or more trade association membership logos is committed to being and remaining a respected professional business within the community.  

Part of trade associations’ functions is to stay on top of industry trends and hot topics to keep members informed. A steady flow of new information is presented to members. They accomplish this through news releases, webinars, conferences, training seminars, certification classes and more. There are trade associations that believe it’s important to share information with the public, with consumers just like you.

Each trade association has its own flavor. Some concentrate on trades skills. Others focus on codes and standards, others focus on enhancing leadership skills, and most include sharing education and information. Some trade association websites have blogs, news sections, and consumer portals dedicated to informing the public. Information topics include floods, fires, hurricanes, mold, health & safety, and consumer warnings regarding scams and dishonest business practices, An example of this is a trade association for the emergency property repair industry (cleaners, mitigators, and restorers), the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, the IICRC. They are dedicated to both membership training and providing consumer information.

You are welcome to visit the IICRC website to get a sense of how a respectable association informs the consumer.

When property damage happens such as a flood, fire, or HVAC failure you need a quality repair contractor in a hurry. 123HELP prequalifies the contractors that are on our platform, most of them are members of trade associations for good reason.

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