Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup Explained

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Trauma Cleanup Phoenix - Phoenix, AZ

Trauma and crime scene cleanup is the specialty removal of bio-hazardous debris and the cleaning of locations that have been impacted and contaminated by toxic chemicals, bacteria, blood-borne pathogens, and other substances that are a threat to the health of people and animals.  This specialty science of cleaning is also referred to as Bio-hazard cleanup, although in the strictest sense, the public often thinks of bio-hazard cleanup as cleaning up a massive oil spill or an abandoned factory site.

The technicians that perform this demanding work have been trained to follow OSHA, EPA, and CDC guidelines and recommendations. They know how to apply the correct cleaning chemicals and apply the proper physical cleaning actions (heat, scrubbing, vacuuming, etc.) to remove contamination from surfaces and leave those surfaces sanitized and safe for use.

The cleaning procedures are performed under containment, including form inside portable negative air chambers. The technicians usually wear PPE (personal protective equipment) when they do this work. Negative air means a contained space where the air pressure is less that the air pressure outside the contained space. This prevents or reduces air particles from escaping from the interior work area. This precaution is used in the most extreme cases for highly toxic environments. The technicians will wear full head covering masks with filter cartridges, or self-contained breathing apparatus.  These types of outfits are seen frequently in drama and crime shows. Not all cleanup projects are so serious or complicated. 

 These are many of the services offered by trauma and crime scene cleaning specialists:

  • Unattended Death
  • Bodily Fluids
  • Fingerprint Dust
  • Animal Debris (feces, nests, dead bodies)
  • Crime Scene Chalk
  • Bio-Hazard Chemical Cleanup
  • Fuel Oils
  • Poisons, Fertilizers, etc.
  • Meth Lab and Grow House Cleanup

Obviously, it is critical that you, any family members, and pets stay away from these kinds of contaminated locations before and while the area is being remediated.

Sadly, the circumstances that create the need for trauma or crime scene cleanup will usually have a negative and highly emotional impact a family. The technicians that work in these situations are aware of the sensitivity and empathy required to perform this work. They understand they are not just cleaning a structure they are serving people in a time of need.

In the Phoenix area, if you require trauma scene cleanup, be sure to call your 123HELP approved contractor.