Trees Fall for Many Reasons in the Phoenix Area

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Tree Removal Phoenix - Phoenix, AZ

In Phoenix, and throughout the Valley of the Sun, a primary reason for fallen trees is wind damage during the Monsoon Storm Season. You have probably seen the effects of storm damage where fallen trees blocked city streets and caused traffic to be rerouted? Often, the fallen tree damage is so dramatic it’s covered on the local News Broadcasts.

There are several other reasons why entire trees, or portions of trees fall. According to the National Department of Transportation, more that 7,000 persons die in vehicle accidents each year in what are listed as “hitting fixed objects”. Drivers crashing into trees accounts for a large percentage of the statistics concerning hitting fixed objects.  Often, the stuck tree will fall or be badly damaged and must be removed. Once again, when this happens, it often a dramatic event that is reported on the evening news. On Phoenix, dry and dead trees can fall without warning in the slightest breeze. Many kinds of trees, especially non-native trees planted in desert communities have been placed into lawns and landscaping that receives frequent watering. While the trees may look perfectly healthy, many species won’t  put down a deep root system. Instead, they draw their water from surface irrigation. These trees can become top-heavy because their shallow roots can no longer hold the tree in place. They can easily fall during wind; and sometimes, without wind when the soil around them is wet. Dead or diseased limbs will also fall without warning  because the sickly wood is not capable of supporting the weight of the weakened limbs and branches. When large limbs fall, they can crush cars, smash fences, and severely damage structures. In some cases, the damage rivals the destruction caused by an entire fallen tree.

At 123HELP, we believe that Do-It-Yourself removal of a fallen tree is dangerous work. They’re just too many stories about homeowners, without tree removal experience or proper tools, causing additional damage and getting hurt. Tree removal companies and especially those that provide emergency services have the skill, experience, and the professional equipment to do the job right.  It’s just not worth the risk to try to do it yourself. Besides, when a tree falls because of wind damage or being struct by a vehicle, a homeowner’s insurance policy will usually cover the costs to repair the damage. Your 123HELP Tree Removal Contractor will know how to work with your insurance company.

Emergency Help When You Need It

When a tree falls across a roof, or it blocks a front door, a driveway or garage door the fallen tree becomes an emergency that should be resolved quickly because every homeowner must have unrestricted access to their home. What if a fire or a health emergency happens? Will emergency responders be able to rescue an occupant, will the family be able to evacuate on foot or by car? Having your transportation trapped in a driveway or garage is not good.

When a tree or limb falls during a storm it’s not always possible for the tree removal service to do anything other than clearing a path to the front door, driveway, or the garage. Because of bad weather conditions, and a surge of calls for help during a storm, your tree contractor may only be able to provide the most necessary services to make the situation safe. They may be able to remove enough debris from the roof, so a tarping and board-up company is able to perform a temporary fix to the damaged roof.  However, the tree removal company may have to return later, when the weather improves and during daylight to finish the removal and cleanup process. Please understand, tree removal contractors cannot put their employee/technicians into increased harm’s way. The work is already dangerous enough without dealing with gusting winds, pounding rain, and limited visibility.

Emergency Services:

  • Emergency 24/7 fallen or leaning tree and limb removal
  • Clear tree parts away from doorways and driveways
  • Debris cleanup
  • Stump removal/grinding

Tree Trimming and Maintenance to Prevent Damage

Whenever possible, you will want to prevent your trees from falling. This is where your 123HELP professional tree removal and maintenance company can help. Arborists are tree specialists that understand how to trim and thin each tree type. They also know the right time of year to trim and prune trees without causing damage to the trees. Certain trees should be trimmed during specific months, most homeowners are aware of this. What is less understood is how the harsh desert environment dictates that trees in Phoenix must be trimmed or pruned to not interfere with a trees’ natural shade canopy and its’ ability to protect itself from sun and heat damage.

The soil in Phoenix often lacks the nutrients and micronutrients like magnesium, manganese,  iron, and other minerals. The natural soil in this area may be fine for native tree and shrub species, it is often not sufficient for non-native plantings. By inspecting trees, arborists can determine the best fertilizers and maintenance regime for specific trees. There is no one plan fits all approach to maintain the trees in your yard. Well maintained trees provide beauty (curb appeal), shade and protection from the elements, and they add dollars to property value. Trees that are shabby, in need of care detract from a property and may present a fall hazard.

Non-Emergency Services:

  • Tree thinning, trimming, and pruning
  • Dead, diseased, and insect infected limb removal
  • Removing hazardous trees
  • Shaping for artistic appearance and for tree health
  • Removing limbs that obstruct driveways and sidewalks
  • Removing trees that are called root suckers and can damage sewage drain lines
  • Removing specialty trees such as palms and saguaro cactus
  • Stump removal/grinding

If you have questions about trees, call your 123HELP tree removal contractor. They also provide total tree care services in addition to 24/7 emergency tree removal.

For the best results always call a Tree Removal Contractor approved by 123HELP.