Warning Signs Concerning Plumbing Problems

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Plumbing failures can cause catastrophic problems to our homes, even small plumbing leaks, when left unattended, may do an amazing amount of damage. You will want to be aware of any situation with your water supply that seems unusual.

There are tell-tale signs that your plumbing may have a hidden problem that could become a serious and expensive water damage. If you’ve noticed your water bill is too high, much higher than normal, there are several reasons why this can happen.

  • Filling a swimming pool, seasonal watering of landscaping, or house guests can be reasons for increased water use and a higher bill. However, if you have an increased water bill and there isn’t a logical reason, a pipe leak (inside or outside your home) may be the cause.
  • Or something is slowly leaking. It could be your toilet constantly running, a showerhead or faucet that is dripping, or the landscape irrigation system. If something’s leaking, get it fixed as quickly as possible to save on your bill and prevent potential.
  • It could also be a water heater leak. You might notice an increase in your water and energy bill. Additionally, if you inspect the water heater location you would usually see water drips or pooling under or near the heater.

By being aware of your water use, inspecting your plumbing system frequently, and practicing preventative maintenance you may be able to prevent or reduce the likelihood of experiencing a water damage event in your home or property. Because the average home insurance claim for water damage is $11,098 you certainly want to be proactive.

For more statistics about the cost and frequency of water damage you can visit ipropertymanagement.com.

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