Helpful Tips

What You Need to Know About 24/7 Water Heater Repair / Replacement

After you have engaged the appropriate service provider you should prepare for their arrival. Have a close parking location available for the service vehicle. If this is a night-time visit, turn your exterior lights on.

The water heater service technician will need unobstructed access to the water heater. Water heaters are often in a garage or outdoor service closet. Too often these spaces are used for storage. Be sure there is easy access to the water heater location and the immediate space around the heater is not blocked by tools, boxes, or clutter. Give the technicians elbow room to work.

Repair persons also require an unobstructed path to be able to remove and cart away the old water heater and deliver the replacement heater. They may also have to be able to access water, gas, and electricity turnoffs.

Always keep young children and pets away from the work area.