Helpful Tips

What You Need to Know About Board Up for Damaged Windows, Etc.

After you have called for the appropriate service provider(s) you will want to prepare for their arrival. Provide close parking for their service vehicle(s). Typical board up crews are two persons with one truck.

If this is a night-time visit, turn on your exterior lights.

Be safe, broken windows create dangerous conditions:

  • Glass shards from a broken window can cover a wide swath of an interior room and they are a serious hazard. Leave the glass cleanup to the professionals¬†
  • Board up companies will remove the major debris so they can install the security boards, they usually do not perform a detailed cleanup
  • Carpets contaminated with glass shards should be replaced¬†

After the board-up has been completed you may need to hire a non-emergency glass cleanup service. Contact your 123HELP approved or a trauma/crime scene cleanup company, fire damage cleanup contractor, or water damage cleanup contractor for addition assistance.