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What You Need to Know About Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Service

Note: If your home has been severely damaged, the fire department will take charge and provide directions about vacating the property. The utilities will be turned off and a fire source investigation may be scheduled. The fire department will conduct a post fire structural safety inspection. You will be notified by the fire department when entry is possible including “walk- through” time. During a walk through, you can be accompanied by your 123HELP fire and smoke mitigation/restoration company, general contractor, and insurance adjuster.

The following instructions are for less-serious fire events, such as a stovetop cooking fire that may have only scarred the surface of the kitchen cabinets and spread a small to moderate amount of soot into your home, but not rendering your entire structure uninhabitable.

Daytime Arrival: After you have called for the appropriate service provider(s) you should prepare for their arrival. Have close parking available for their service vehicle(s). Fire restoration companies usually send a four to six-person crew in two or more vehicles to a fire/smoke loss cleanup. You might enquire about the number of people and service vehicles that will arrive.

Nighttime Arrival: During nighttime hours restoration companies often send only one or two representatives for the purpose of scoping the project, providing safety instructions, and to measure, photograph, and document the damage. At that time, they collect the insurance claim number and get their work order signed. The restoration industry believes it’s best to schedule a morning arrival for the cleanup/restoration crew.

While cleanup work is under way, young children and pets should not be present. Many insurance policies make provisions for alternative/temporary housing during a moderate to significant property damage event. Consult with your insurance provider or adjustor if this is applicable for your situation.

Fire and Smoke Damage Contractors provide the following services:

  • Debris removal
  • Removal. of soot (there are four types of soot, each requires a specific cleaning method) 
  • Wall and ceiling washing
  • Air cleaning using HEPA air scrubbers
  • HVAC system cleaning
  • Deodorization by ozone/hydroxyl technology
  • Textile cleaning including clothing, furniture, draperies, and carpets
  • Content cleaning including electronics and artwork 
  • Structural repairs such as cabinet replacement and others

Please understand that some of your contents such as clothing, artwork, and electronics are transported to off-site specialty cleaning facilities.

Even a small fire can be a traumatic because it spreads a cloud of microscopic soot particles throughout a home, even into closed closets and drawers. Have confidence, quality restoration companies produce remarkable results.