Helpful Tips

What You Need to Know About HVAC Repair

After you have arrangements with the appropriate service provider(s) you should prepare for their arrival by having a close parking space available for their service vehicle(s). If this is a night-time visit, turn your exterior lights on.

Most HVAC units are located rooftop or next to the house at ground level. However, service technicians also require access to the interior thermostat during the repair process. Be sure the thermostat is accessible to the repair personnel and keep young children and pets away from
the location while the technician is working.

When an HVAC unit must be replaced the work will be scheduled for daytime hours. When a crane is required to remove and install a rooftop HVAC unit, company will require special parking and may need to seek approval from the City or a Homeowner Association. The fire department may be notified when a red-curb fire zone may be the only parking alternative for the crane.

While many repairs can be made on an emergency basis, it’s unlikely that replacement of a large unit can happen within 24-hours, 48 to 72 hours is more reasonable. It may be necessary to arrange for temporary housing while the HVAC unit is out of service and until the replacement is installed and operating.