Helpful Tips

What You Need to Know About Plumbing Leak Repair

There are a wide variety of ways plumbing systems fail and cause water to flood into a structure. The most immediate action is to stop the flow of the water by shutting off the waterline to the broken fixture or turn off the main waterline to the house.

After you have connected with the appropriate service provider(s) you will need to prepare for their arrival. Have open and close parking available for the service vehicle(s). If this is a night-time visit, turn on your exterior lights.

Keep young children and pets away from the work area(s). It is advisable to remove ornaments and clutter from near the work area. That usually requires removing cleaning products from under sinks and towels and floor mats from bathrooms, etc. Service technicians will usually assist in moving larger items, even furniture if that becomes necessary.

When a water damage cleanup company is present during the time a plumber is working, the plumber may request that standing water and debris be removed so the plumber won’t have to work in a flooded location. Water drying equipment won’t be installed or turned on until the plumbing work has been completed.