Helpful Tips

What You Need to Know About Roof Tarping & Roof Repair

There are numbers of ways a roof can become damaged. Windstorms, hailstorms, and fallen trees are the most common causes according to insurance reports. These scenarios are usually covered by your insurance company.

After you have called for roof tarping and roof repair service you will want to prepare for their arrival. Provide close parking for their service vehicle. The driveway in front of an inhouse garage is ideal. The typical roof tarping crew is comprised of two persons with one truck.

Please Note: Roof tarping and roof repair is seldom performed at nighttime or as a storm is raging. It’s too dangerous to go onto a roof in the dark, or when there is rain and wind. However, if the service company is willing to come to your home to scope and sign the job, go for it, because in the aftermath of a storm appointments fill up. Within a day it becomes difficult to get a return phone call.

Be safe, a broken/damaged roof can create dangerous conditions:

  • Rainwater can enter the interior of the structure
  • Damaged electrical wiring can be a fire damage
  • Collapsed ceilings can drop debris below
  • When a tree falls on a house, the windows are often damaged. If broken glass is littering the interior leave glass cleanup to the professionals

After the tarping has been completed and weather conditions are favorable the roof repair and interior cleanup can commence. Remember, 123HELP water damage or fire cleanup clean-up contractors can provide interior cleaning and structural repairs.