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What You Need to Know About Trauma / Crime Scene Cleanup

Trauma and crime scene cleanup is a specialty service to remediate locations that have been impacted by toxic chemicals, bacterium, and other substances that are a health threat to people and animals. The technicians that perform this work have been trained to follow OSHA, EPA, and CDC guidelines and recommendations. The cleaning procedures are often performed under containment, including inside portable negative air chambers. The technicians usually wear PPE (personal protective equipment.)

These are many of the services performed by trauma and crime scene clean up specialists:

  • Unattended death
  • Bodily fluids
  • Fingerprint dust
  • Animal debris (feces, nests, dead bodies)
  • Crime scene chalk
  • Bio-hazard chemical cleanup
  • Fuel oils
  • Poisons, fertilizers, etc. 
  • Meth lab and grow house cleanup

Obviously, it is critical that you, family members, and pets stay away from these kinds of contaminated locations before the cleanup team arrives and after their work commences.