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What You Need to Know About Tree Removal Service

Emergency tree removal isn’t only for a fallen tree. Their services can be proactive to remove trees that are leaning and posing a potential threat to fall. That’s always the safest and most cost-effective use of their service.

However, most times, tree removal companies respond for an unplanned/fallen tree removal. When they are contacted during an active storm they may opt to wait until weather conditions improve, or they may only remove a portion of the tree to facilitate roof tarping or to make access to a doorway. In such cases, they would return during better weather conditions to remove the remaining portion of the tree and perform the debris removal.

Please understand, tree removal is a highly skilled and difficult, even dangerous trade. The safety of the tree removal crew is always paramount. Tree removal experts are adept at working with roof tarping companies, electrical contractors, and other service providers when these companies are involved in the overall project. Your tree removal service company must be empowered to take charge of every aspect of work until the tree is completely removed.

Fallen trees can damage structures, fences, and landscaping. You may require other 123HELP service providers:

  • Emergency roof tarping and repair
  • Emergency window board up
  • Fence repair
  • Emergency electrical repair
  • Water damage mitigation/restoration

Remember, your 123HELP service providers are standing by to help.