When Property Damage is Severe, the Red Cross Provides Aid

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Sometimes a fire damage event or groundwater flooding impacts your home to the extent you and your family can’t stay there. It’s unsafe. That’s when the Red Cross can help! 

The American Red Cross Disaster Recovery Program has volunteers who respond to property damage sites across the county. Sometimes, local fire departments notify the volunteers of a disaster, or a local Red Cross office monitors public alert systems. The volunteers will do their best to provide food, clothing, personal hygiene supplies, and if needed, accommodations.

When Your Family Needs Help

For assistance after a fire or other property disaster, do an online search for: Red Cross immediate assistance program in (city or state name). The Red Cross website will provide a local or regional 24/7 telephone number. Each year the Red Cross response team, comprised of 95%
volunteers, responds to 60,000 disasters. 

To learn more about disaster relief, to become a volunteer, or to make contributions, visit: https://www.redcross.org/about-us/our-work/disaster-relief..html

Be Prepared

The Red Cross website also provides homeowners and small business owners with emergency- ready plans to teach families to prepare before a disaster such as hurricanes, tornados, firestorms, earthquakes, flooding, and other damage. Valuable information about preparedness with descriptions of safety kits and supplies to purchase is in the website’s Training and Certification
section:    https://www.redcross.org/store/preparedness

The Red Cross is a great institution. It deserves all of our support.